All my fault

Hello Bello Boo . Aku rasa bersalah sangat . huhhhh . About , L A . Friends , forgave all my sins . I tak tenang sebab you tak maafkan . please ! I hidup pun tak lama lagii . Sampai hati ehh you . I know that I rampas A N dari you . A N marah gilaa kat aku . Please dear ! Forgave all my sins . I have pujuk you tapi you tetap dengan your decision . I want you accept me as your friend in FB and dekat luar . Please , please, and please . Ouhh , but i think you do not accept lahh . Okay fine , if that way you want . I'm in this world tak lama dah , perhaps a few minutes . I've gone . So , if you don't want to forgive , biarlahh I tanggung all my sins . Okay friend ;] I hope you still have a feeling with him . And one day you happy with him . Thanks for all your helps selama kita berkawan . Byess :'(

p/s : sorry fer all the readers , i;m not in mood today . serabut gilaa . text bi and bm mixed .

Thank you for reading :)

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